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This new season we have a new football player, so it’s modificated to Football 8. This year, we did two signings, and the team will play with the best football teams, like, Elche A, Elche B, Hércules A, Eldense A , Benidorm A , San Vicente A, Kelme A, Ilicitano sporting A.

Pegasa-Intangco is a strong team and they are prepared to win any football team. So, they got a draw with Elche B, the winner with Benidorm A and last week also they won to Ilicitano Sporting A.

The team is integrated by 12 players:

Emi, Alexis, Carlos Macía, Jonathan, Nacho, Raúl, Alejandro, Carlos Bustos, Saúl, Carlos Martin, Rubi y Hugo Giner.

Coaches: Alberto Talón y Miguel Angel  Moyá.

Last match, they played to Hércules A.

Finally, Hércules A won, but the match was so equaled.


This week we played to CAROLINAS A, in Elche. At first part, INTANGCO-PEGASA A were dominating all part. At second part, although CAROLINAS A tied the match, finally, INTANGCO-PEGASA played very well until the end, so, INTANGCO-PEGASA won the match.

Next week, they’re going to play to ELDENSE A, on Saturday at 13.00 which we will explain how was the match.