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New technologies lead us to develop products
increasingly turn soficticados but more simple in their conception.

The fashion in search of comfort, emerges naturally full of comfort and for a society increasingly urban and cosmopolita.Los new material on which we work today have greater flexibility, lightness and durability, fit perfectly to the foot . No doubt the future of the shoe is strongly linked to the implementation of Latex in all its components.

Pegasa is a next generation company, which combines a high quality finishing products and high efficiency in the services it offers.

The company PEGASA offers a wide range of services and products for coating and finishing materials used in the footwear industry and construction marroquería.


PEGASA works with the latest technology and a unique system in the treatment of latex, Latex Elastic System, which gives the finished product more elastic and better treatment in the subsequent phases of development of the shoe.

All of them impact on improving the image transmitted to Pegasa customers and a higher quality of products offered: latex bonding, laminates, leather reinforcements, hot-melt and foaming.