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PEGASA-INTANGCOAt the moment we are living is a corporate responsibility to reverse a portion of our profits to society. Pegasa finishes in this area, diversifies the patronage in social work and sports. Pegasa Finishes Leaguewelcomes team achieved Pegasa-INTANGCO are a role model for improvement and consistency.

This week has been played the day league, 20 in group 1 benjaminfaced the top two in the fight for the league title as a first-INTANGCO classified Pegasa and ALTET CDEL “A” runner ,match played at the premises of CDEL ALTET, Sunday 1 April at 12.30 hours.With a first part where the team-INTANGCO Pegasa was much higher and achievement ahead with 2 goals, where we had tohighlight the commitment and effort by both players Pegasadefense, the pressure on, and attack in resumption was passed to acompletely different home where ALTET went to press but the ball and had several opportunities to close on the scoreboard, but bothclubs as the caretaker interventions Pegasa INES prevented theball entered the goal , arriving late in the game with the result 0-2 forPegasa.

With this result and in the absence of 8 days thePegasa-INTANGCO manage to catch a rent of 6 points on ALTET”A” in the fight for the league title.

Attach a summary of the classification of the equipment.