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 Fireproof acoustically perforated metal insecticide on 

ACABADOS PEGASA, in a proyect in collaboration with AITEX, has developmented a new multifunctional proyect, based materials and textiles structures, able to mitigate excessive noise, with insecticidal properties and fireproof characteristics.


 The product developed is non-woven textile base, low weight thickness, which structures and colocation on placas by modular ceilings, increases the absorption of airborne noise and improve the acoustic conditioning of offices, classrooms, restaurants, etc. The textile base find appropriately treated to impart additional properties that improve the comfort and safety of users. On the one hand, the resulting product has properties anti insect, on the other hand, has an improved fire behavior to suit the requirements imposed by current legislation relating to fire safety in buildings.


The product is  unique, versatile and innovative, with a high added value, which concentrates the properties of all elements, and maintains a high capacity to evolution.

In the following video, you can see the process of this new product.